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‘At Age Caribbean, we look after caregivers…

Dementia can be a particularly difficult illness for patients and their families to cope with. Age Caribbean offers seminars to help persons better understand the disease and learn about best practices of care.’


‘It’s day 3 and as we say in Trinidad; I real bun…The professional pump here at the #festivalfringe in Edinburgh, Scotland is real and I will not quit. Like most other patrons at the #edfringe2016, my spirit is willing but Lord knows my body is weak. Nevertheless I am plugging along because there is too much to do and not enough time… which seems to be a major theme here at the festival.’



Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 5-day correspondence for the Culture Division, Trinidad and Tobago published on culture.gov.tt.

Sample Extract from ‘Workshops, Comedy and Tears’ post. 

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‘In a small society which believes that the young should care for the old, why are people turning to unregulated care homes in the first place? A lack of proper care resources is a major challenge for older persons. As Dr James Bratt, the sole geriatric psychiatrist in the country put it, “transportation to facilities, (hospital) waiting times, a need for care-givers (support) and stress, among other things” can prove very difficult for families to cope with.’


Guest blog post at International Longevity Centre UK on ‘The Future of Healthcare…in T&T’.

Published on ilcuk.org.uk.

‘The last job offer I received was at an ad agency. Naturally, I was sceptical. I luckily had a friend who had a friend who worked there once, and I was warned right away that the boss was verbally abusive, the hours were horrendous and the work was mind-numbing. That friend of a friend (who I’ve never met in my life, mind you) possibly saved me from months of being miserable...

To sum up , it’s the friend of a friend who warned me not to take the job at the ad agency. CareerLabs provides inside information on about 70% of US companies, revealing dynamics like employee-rated Work/Life Balance, Compensation and Management…it blew my damn mind.’




Career Labs, California-based start-up, published on Careerlabs.com, Medium.com and 42hire.com.

Sample Extract from ‘Finally, how to find a job you won’t hate!’  See full posts here

‘NEW FIRE supports T&T’s NEW GENERATION of exceptional musical talent. It is also part of a NEW ENERGY for transforming Caribbean societies through the arts. NEW FIRE is an initiative of the non- profit social enterprise, the Trinidad and Tobago Bridge Initiative.’

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